The Romanian School

Colegiul Național ‘Ion Luca Caragiale’

Colegiul Național ‘Ion Luca Caragiale’ is located in Moreni,southern-eastern Romania. In 2015 we became a college due to the great results that our students had had in exams,contests even though our town is with a lot of unemployment.Many parents work abroad to sustain their children.The jobs available in the area are poorly paid.70% of our students are from rural areas,they commute and the travel expenses are high,putting their education at risk and they even drop school.Our students experience economic difficulties but our school management and teachers do their jobs in such a way to provide the students with the necessary skills for today’s society.We want to promote the acquisition of skills,knowledge,attitudes and competences that will enable our students and teachers to live a better life,continue their studies,develop in the domain they are good at.Having in mind this social and economic background,we target at providing students great education,extracurricular activities and involvement in European projects that will cater for the identified necessities and make them acquire skills and competences for life and their future careers,be able to live and work anywhere in this world without being the target of social exclusion.Our school has1,000 students and 60 teachers, it is both a lower secondary and upper secondary school where 11-14 year-old students learn general subjects(Mother Tongue, English, Maths, ICT. Music, Art, P.E., R.E.) and the ones in high school have either Maths- ICT or English – intensive or Natural Sciences profiles. Our school motivation for joining this project is to develop the participants relevant and high-quality skills that are required in today’s society: motivation, self-confidence, general knowledge, civic, social, ICT and English skills and raise their cultural awareness.We have staff experienced in implementing 7 international projects , 3 overall project coordinations, preparations of final products, organisation of project meetings, dissemination and evaluation. Our school won twice the national contest for the international projects’ outcomes, named ‘Made for Europe’.Our staff can be both leaders and members of the team,motivated to improve themselves and their students continuously. The Music teacher and the Religious Education teachers organize choirs at Christmas, Easter and at the end of the school year..

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